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We couldn’t agree more on how annoying those pesky shipping fees are when your at the very end of the checkout process. As a small family owned business we gladly offer free shipping with any $35 purchase or more.  So go grab a variety of blends to try, but make sure you get something before it goes out of stock!

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We Pride Ourselves in Giving You the Best Flavors Possible to Cook With

Here at Spice Squad we have one mission: To bring never-before-tasted flavors to your dinner table through our amazing and exclusive spice blends available on this very website! Our products vary everywhere from ancient blends from the far east to your classic Spicy Pork and Beef Dry Rub, all with a memorable taste that is sure to bring back some amazing memories of yours. Whether those memories be eating grandma’s amazing homemade dinners or your first time in the kitchen when you couldn’t even see the top of the stove, our spices are sure to make your meals more easy and delicious than ever!